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アメリカで新感覚のコメディーシリーズが誕生!その名も”We ♡ Coach TC!"



毎週金曜日に新エピソードをリリース。各エピソードが3分前後と非常に見やすく、しかも英語と日本語両方で楽しめる新感覚コメディーシリーズ、『We ♡ Coach TC!』


"We Love Coach TC" is a comedy series focusing on the culture clash between the American and Japanese ways of living. Coach TC is a Japanese tennis coach, living in America, whose students are all anything but normal. Various characters are introduced throughout the series, testing Coach's normal Japanese politeness and patience. In addition to his roster of random clients, Coach TC can't seem to get rid of his two most loyal students, the Sun Visors, who appear to want more than just tennis lessons. Despite the difficulties, it's his love of the game and coaching that keeps him coming back each week, which is why "We Love Coach TC".

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